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itely the functions of this variety of hemolymph gland,
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State Board of Health. — The governor has appointed as
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— In the two cases of angina phlegmonosa described, the in-
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erysipelas. As regards the lip, I have been unable to
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cost $532,000. There will be ten distinct and absolutely fire-
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five delegates. Michigan will add at least 1000, which
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this Ramsey County (St. Paul) Medical Society, Lowry Arcade,
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you, the master oi anesthesia by cocain. Such as the method
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whenever gall-bladder pathologj- exists? He oonsidertd the
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and Dr. Arthur G. Minshall, secretary, all of Northamptom.
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instances of epilepsy, delirium tremens, dropsy, etc., in chil-
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was yet pouring over the mountains and spreading in
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patients there only in the first stage of their diseases as thp
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to the Board, or such editor or agent as it shall appoint, all
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tires. The heavy machines are equipped with single-tube tlrea Re-
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steam and gasolln. It la fair to assume from this fact that he Is
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fever reached its highest point at the close of the cen-
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he may deem for the best interests of the Association, either to
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physicians of Hempstead, Texas, met April 23 and organized
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Care should be taken to place the ends of the calipers
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said that although ventral fixation and suspension had been re-
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Changes In the Medical Corps of the navy, week ended April 27 :
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also be, but not necessarily must be, Secretary of the
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line would probably increase this figure. It is extremely
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all the connective tissue covering tte muscles, vessels,
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is not an implication of the frontal sinus, but the
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five delegates. Michigan will add at least 1000, which
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the thickened pus might be drawn through it. A gen-
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lowed, by answer to an improper question, to usurp the prov-
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better than those of the previous year. The average stay in
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withdrawn, nsnally by expression, or by siphonage and then filtered.
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then primary carcinoma can not develop in bones unless
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the cecum was exposed, lodged high up and well for-
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the eruption has passed through the papular stage, in
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ex. had collected. When the catheter was withdrawn scratch
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of smallpox in the town slientioned, as this was a question upon
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at the Maryland Institute for Feeble Minded, at Owings Mills.
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until his own senses are forcefully impressed with its
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to pneumonia by injecting them with a fluid prepared
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tension. On the contrary, the symptoms of shock can, in,
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cavity was filled with a clear, straw-colored fluid. A
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Dr. L. Duncan Bulklet thought that crowning evil of medi-
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name, in some instances after some thought, all objects
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great quantity of water taken into the system which will
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subdiaphragmatic abscess, roughly spherical in outline,

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