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the evening meal should be very light, as these chil-

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toes upward (generally well up the thighs) were en-

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Yet if we consider for one moment the idea of auto-

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the blisters, and if the joints are painful repeats the

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man history, our ancestors probably felt fairly sat-

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would return unchanged. No nourishment was retained

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lost, the probability is that this depletion of the

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solutions containing .03 gm. per c.c, each hermeti-

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of vasectomy or oophorectomy, as the case may be, upon

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to cure the displacement of the uterus will restore

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discharged from a hospital for the insane to get on

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far as space permits, we review those in zvhich zve think

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LoNGAEAUGH, R. I., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Commis-

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Berlin; Prof. Kuttner, Breslau; Prof. Lange, Miinchen :

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There were no symptoms to lead us to suspect any pelvic injury, no

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conquest abroad, or legal conquest at home ; for so-

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there has been an arrest in the progress of his loss of

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had occurred at all times among- civilized nations,

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Journal, 1898, and to that given by Keen, Pf abler,

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to be very easy to have the disease carried from the

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ing on the virulence of the tumor and the resistance

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ber 4th, Dr. Marcus Rosenwasser, aged sixty-four years.

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eyestrain headache to puerperal fever, syphilis has

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threads of any garment touched therewith cannot be burnt,

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peared in three days after an injection of 606, had a

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that the secretion resulting from such influences, and

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