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syphilitic father had one son with myxcedema, another with acrom^aly.

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with slight swellmg, and there were eflBorescences at both elbows and on

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'If relax )>roperly ;!' .inir the respiratoiy c\ele. As a restdt the air in

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whom the correction of some sliirht inadeipiai'y in the diet mav lia\'

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based upon etiological factors, as, for instance, the variety of bacteria causing

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of the femurs abo seemed to be disproportionately thickened.

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of onset being about fifty years. The youngest case reported began at

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a case of "osteomalacia." In 1877 Paget used this term for that group of

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infection, although even these may be most misleading; the urine may be

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ovary, or intestine can usually be accomplished; the leukocytosis is often

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"""■'■ ^•■'l".'''l" '■ I >iH.lin.,^ this l.allast is th.. ont..,- irrain ..V win-at oats

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108, 85, and 82; minimum, 85, 75, 65, 60 respectively (Stanton instrument;

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Sjrmptoms. — General Description. — Mildy moderate, and severe types of

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Tiie evidence that fht chiif r< ^jtirntorii niitrr is in the medulla is fur

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'I'i'li'i''''' "I'll '111' |iur,.l> t.\p,.riiii,.|il,ii u,,rk. iii;i\ li,. in ;i p,,siti,,ii I,.

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siiy. serves liy st iiiiiiliit ion of iilVereiit nerves to iiiaintiiiu ii hyperexcii

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thus being obliterated. In this form of renal disease, as in most others,

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even without thyroid medication. Hemorrhages sometimes occur in the

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often occur together, one often causing another and fusing imperceptibly

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MTomls later, diu^ to the arrival here of the peristaltie wave with the

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Mil- nervous system, jierln.ps from centers liiulii'r np, or to stimuli trans-

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life. Practically the same course is followed in renal suppurations by ex-

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'rakiiii; fur llu' pii'Miil llii' liiiUics in iln- liisl ami rmiitli ciilmims ai

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illill' llllliillllt 111' slllixliill,-,. witllnlll llic lll/\li|c liiM-nlnilln llsril |||) ill tin

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affected with violent shooting pains in all the limbs,

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|iiiircssi> li\ wliirli till' falilM'i' III' till' aiti'rirs is rulltfnilril.

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as with neurasthenia. In not one of my cases did hysteria co-exist. Edge-

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condition, or, on the other, fistula, syphilis, tuberculosis, or malignant dis-

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method, hut with a modern spring instrument it eaii with a little luaeti. .

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the different forms, and Rayer described pyelitis as a separate infection and

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the kidneys subsiding, but seeming to be the starting point of the chronic

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every vicissitude of weather ; and was of as sallow

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which the alveolar epithelium is almost flat, except in certain foci or in por-

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iio<lr. the tvsultin..' .•l..-tr..e;,r.li..^Tam .•.uMpl.'X.'s ar.' praeth-aliy n.irmal

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nerve nn one side i Kij;. L'7 . If l|iA\ the peripheral end of a elll vayii^

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viseeia. with the lesnlt tliat the air in llie liiii^s assiinies a jicisitix.

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■ Mic sjiiwcil. if iml slnp|)i'i| altnu'clher. ami the Mnoil pressure 111 fall.

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in Kronlein's 51 cases, 7 were between seventeen and twenty, 23 in the third

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increase of the forces that cause elevation. It is important to note that

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